Can you help these families in Gurnee?

This is the last week I will be pushing for money to help the families affected by the October 30 fire in the Woodland Hills Community in Gurnee. No word on reconstruction yet - they have to wait for the investigation to be over - this means living in temporary housing for at LEAST another 3 months! Try to tell me insurance is covering everything! What if your insurance was sub-par?! When's the last time you checked your policy??

I spoke with the property manager for our association and was told they could not and would not help me with informing any of the other homeowners in Woodland Hills of this cause. SAD!

It's that kind of backwards thinking that everyone can take care of themselves that has created such a selfish undertone that myself and my friends have noticed in society today. It's a "me" kinda world... well not at my house and hopefully not at yours.

I appreciate every note, question, and donation that I've received during this time. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and keep your minds and hearts open, you never know what you might find!



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