Computer Systems Institute's L.A.D.Y Lend A Helping Hand

CSI's L.A.D.Y Organization painting nails for the residents
CSI's L.A.D.Y Organization painting nails for the residents

Gurnee, IL- Computer Systems Institute’s L.A.D.Y., an all-female student organization focused on character and professional development, volunteered at Rolling Hills Nursing Home for their weekly “Fancy Nails” event. During this time students were able to paint fingernails and offer a welcoming presence to its seniors. “Our residents were once active contributors of the community, and by having an organization visit really makes them (residents) feel like they are part of the community again. Watching the members of L.A.D.Y. interact with the seniors gave me goose bumps because of how engaging they were with our participants. I was overjoyed!” stated Lanna Luzar, Activities Coordinator for Rolling Hills.  “You have to be a special person who is caring and tender in order to work with senior citizens and every student demonstrated those qualities.”


L.A.D.Y., which stands for Leading, Achieving, Determined and Yearning for Success, was initiated in efforts to provide an opportunity for the female population of CSI to receive training in etiquettes, professionalism, and goal planning; it also serves as a student support group providing peer- counseling and encouragement for its members.  


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