Yingling Reminds Commercial Drivers to Renew License

HAINESVILLE, Ill. – State Rep. Sam Yingling, D-Hainesville, is reminding all Commercial Driver’s of the 62nd District to make sure their current Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is up to date.  

“I have received information from the Secretary of State informing me that approximately nine percent of Illinois commercial driver’s license holders have not completed all the necessary steps required to maintain a current and valid license,” Yingling said.  “A new federal requirement is now in effect, which mandates all CDL holders must visit a Secretary of State CDL facility and declare which one of four categories of driving they engage in.  In some instances the driver must also provide the Secretary of State’s office with a medical certification completed by a physician.”

The new regulation must be completed by January 30, 2014 or else current CDL holders may have their license canceled in late February.  Currently, 43,000 CDL holders have not complied with this mandate.  Any CDL holder that has not visited a Secretary of State facility by January 30, 2014, will have their CDL privileges cancelled.  All cancellations will take effect on February 28, 2014.

“As a full time State Representative part of my job is make sure the residents of my district have access to all of the information from the state that is pertinent to them.” Yingling said. “I am always available for any questions or concerns regarding any state issues and I encourage people with questions to reach out to my office so we can help keep your commercial driver’s license current.”

Yingling represents the 62nd District, which contains portions of Gages Lake, Grayslake, Hainesville, the Round Lake communities, Wauconda and Wildwood. For more information, please contact Yingling’s full-time constituent service office at 847-231-6262 or repsamyingling@gmail.com. 


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