UPDATED: Cub Scout Pack 451 Competes in Annual Pinewood Derby

Despite the icy weather, Grayslake Middle School was packed with Cub Scouts and proud parents for the annual Pinewood Derby on Sunday, Jan. 27.

Go Speedracer, Go!

Nearly 60 members of Cub Scout Pack 451 gathered at Grayslake Middle School Sunday to enter the race cars they made into the annual Pinewood Derby competition.

The Scouts created their miniature, gravity-powered cars using a small block of wood. The cars were then lined up atop the indoor racing track where they sped to the finish line.

Organizer Cindy Mittlestaedt said the first Pinewood Derby was held in California in 1953 and became an official part of the Scouting program in 1955. The event fosters good sportsmanship and personal achievement, and the Scouts learn woodworking skills.

"The Pinewood Derby is a unique scouting event because scouting in general is not about competition. The Cub Scout standard is that a boy should do his best and better his previous standards. The Pinewood Derby is a special case because it is just so much fun!" said Mittlestaedt.

Awards were given in the categories of Speed, Design, Most Realistic, Best Workmansip, Best Paint Job, Most Scout Spirit, Coolest Design, Funniest Car, Most Unusual, Cub's Choice and Turtle, for the slowest car.

Check out the photo gallery for the roster of Cub Scouts in Pack 451.

Update: Here are the winners!

Fastest Car by rank:  


1. Kevin O'Keefe

2. Ryan McCumber

3. David Knapp



1. Caden Duerkop

2. Draeden Rowe

3. Chase Mittlestaedt



1. Michael O'Keefe

2. Noah Young

3. Brandon Price


Webelos I:

1. Christopher Moens

2. Alex McCumber

3. Luke Lenning


Webelos II:

1. Alex Merten

2. Luc Rochelemagne

3. Brendan Parmer



1. Kylie Forman

2. Kara Duerkop

3. Anna O'Keefe



1. Evan Mittlestaedt


Fastest in the pack:

1. Michael O'Keefe

2. Alex Merten

3. Christopher Moens

Design categories judged by visiting Boy Scouts:

Most Realistic: Nathan Gulliver

Best Workmanship: Kevin Price

Best Paint Job: Brandon Price

Most Scout Spirit: Kevin Meyer

Coolest Design: Drew Arnopolin

Funniest Car: Ryan Crenshaw
Most Unusual: Justin Vancil:

Cub's Choice: Emmett Cullinan


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