Frederick Students Join Senior Citizens In BINGO

Fifth- and sixth-grade students from Frederick School in Grayslake played a few rounds of BINGO with seniors at the Grayslake Senior Center.

The fifth- and sixth-grade Student Council members from Frederick School sat side by side with senior citizens at the Grayslake Senior Center. They had fun playing BINGO together, and the winning seniors got to pick from the prize table. The donated prizes and snacks were donated by the kids at the school.

The seniors had a good time interacting with the children.

"It helps keep us young," said Maureen Daly, one of the BINGO winners and a resident of the Grayslake Senior Center. "I think this is great having the kids here."

The kids also liked being at the .

"I wanted to make them feel happy," said sixth-grader Kyle Posluns, 11. "It just makes me feel good in the heart. I always like to help out."

His new friend, senior Daniel Adams, said, "It's fun playing BINGO with the kids. I like that they are interested."

teachers Jill Batson and Lisa Boxer said it was their third year of having the kids play BINGO with the seniors.

"The kids get the chance to be in charge and take leadership through this event," said Batson. "The kids are running the event and having fun, too."

Lilly Hetz and Jordaan Boxer both were calling out BINGO numbers. Other kids played their own BINGO cards next to the seniors, and other kids helped those who won pick out a prize.

"It's a good experience for the kids to mingle with the seniors," said Boxer.

Shannon December 16, 2011 at 11:01 PM
What a fun experience for everyone involved! Great job kids!


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