Niko Wants to Shake on it

Do you have room in your heart and home for Niko?

Life can be a roller coaster...

First I ended up as a puppy into one of these stores that still sell puppies (no reputable breeder would put up their puppies for sale there, so most of them are from puppies mills).

Anyway, as a small fluffy white dog I was quickly purchased by a family for a lot of money. Then just a few months later, they gave me up because I got protective with a neighbor child when I had a bone.

I then quickly found another home where I spent four years until my guardian recently passed away, so here I am, back at Save-A-Pet. I know sit, speak, paw, down and stay. I lived with cats and basically just ignore them and an older large dog. I am, however, not fond of bigger male dogs. I am an affectionate and playful dog.

This Great Pyrenees mix is about 5 years old, neutered, up-to-date on routine shots and rabies, heartworm negative and on preventative and microchipped.

It’s the season to fall in love and all our residents are waiting for someone special to do so. Please visit them at www.saveapetil.org or even better, come out to our adoption center!

Submitted by Save-A-Pet


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