Big Trucks Come to Town for Family Fun

A variety of trucks will be on display this Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon in downtown Grayslake.

Fire trucks, police cars and big trucks all will be ready for kids to climb on and explore this Saturday during the second annual Big Trucks event. Families are encouraged to learn about transportation safety while exploring the ins and outs of big trucks.

A variety of different trucks will be on display for children to explore in downtown Grayslake, just off  of Seymour Avenue.

The event has been organized by high school students in the Public Service Practicum Class at Grayslake Central, with assistance from the .

Dustin Chierico, teacher of the Public Service Practicum Class, said the event offers a number of fun things for kids to do. “The doors are open. You can climb in, play with the steering wheel, honk the horns and take pictures," he said.

Featured trucks will include those of the Grayslake Fire Department, Grayslake Police Department and the villages of Grayslake and Hainseville, among others. Chierico said that of the about 70 students taking the Public Service Practicum class, a core group of about 10 are directly involved with the event.

“I think they’re just going to be excited when they see how neat it’s going to be, how small the kids will be,” he said. He said he anticipates the students will really realize the magnitude of how the event makes someone’s day when the children flash big smiles from behind the wheel.

“What a great impact,” Chierico said.

Angela Mulcahy, an Oasis board member, has been working with the class to prepare the event.

“Most definitely I look forward to the opportunity to get together, get everyone outside enjoying the beautiful weather and making children and families aware of safety as far as transportation,” she said. She said it’s also a nice opportunity for children to get their pictures taken and get a look at what some drivers do day to day.

She said the event is improving every year and the high schoolers were in charge of recruiting trucks. 

“We’ve made some exciting changes, we’re hoping for a lot of families,” she said. Last year she said about 100 to 120 people attended, many were young families and some were just enjoying a nice day outside.

“We’re hoping for more this year,” she said.

Big Trucks will take place from 9 a.m. to noon in the parking lot of Grayslake’s Village Hall in downtown Grayslake off Seymour Avenue. The event is free to the public. Seymour Avenue from Center Street to the Grayslake Village Hall, 10 South Seymour, will be closed from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the event.

Joyce Campbell April 30, 2011 at 04:03 PM
Public Service Practicum Class rocks!


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