2010 Youth Survey Results

The following data is from Lake County's latest survey of sixth-graders, eighth-graders, sophomores and seniors. A follow-up survey is being conducted this spring.

Of the 20,000 students surveyed in 2010:

  • 1 percent of sixth-graders, 3 percent of eighth-graders, 7 percent of sophomores and 15 percent of seniors said it was “not wrong at all” for people their age to regularly drink alcohol.
  • 52 percent of seniors, 70 percent of sophomores and 85 percent of eighth-graders  and 92 percent of sixth-graders had not consumed alcohol during the past month
  • 29 percent of sophomores and 38 percent of seniors said if they drank alcohol without their parents’ permission, they would never get caught
  • 29 percent of seniors, 14 percent of sophomores, 6 percent of eighth-graders and 2 percent of sixth-graders said they had consumed five or more alcoholic drinks in a row during the preceding two weeks
  • 26 percent of seniors said they had never had more than a sip or two of alcohol
  • 77 percent of seniors, 64 percent of sophomores, 40 percent of eighth-graders and 16 percent of sixth-graders thought it would be “sort of easy” or “very easy” to get alcohol if they wanted it
  • 27 percent of sophomores and 42 percent of seniors said if they attended a party where alcohol was served, they would never get caught by their parents
  • Students also expressed how they believed their parents felt about their kids’ alcohol, cigarette and marijuana use. Ninety percent of sixth-graders said their parents would think it was “very wrong” for them to drink alcohol regularly. That percent dropped to 80 percent for eighth-graders, 66 percent for sophomores and 47 percent for seniors.
  • About 12 percent of eighth-graders, sophomores and seniors said they had used over-the-counter drugs for non-medical purposes during the previous year.

Complete survey results are attached at right. The survey is conducted every other year. This year's survey results will be released in the fall.

Find out how Lake County officials are addressing concerns about youth behavior at


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