Business Spotlight: Equity Minder LLC

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Equity Minder LLC is located in Grayslake.
Equity Minder LLC is located in Grayslake.
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Business: Equity Minder LLC

Submitted by: Ron Rank, owner

Location: 100 S. Atkinson Road No. 116-224

Contact: support@EquityMinder.com

Website: www.EquityMinder.com

When and how did your business get started? I started this business in 2010 after extensive research to best help homeowners live a debt-free lifestyle, build wealth and secure their financial future. I've been a realtor since 1975 and have met far too many people who were upside down with their mortgage, unable to pay their bills, and not able to save for the future. With the mortgage crisis of 2006 and the financial crisis of 2008, we saw a tremendous increase in home foreclosures and bankruptcies. Home sellers fought for short sales and many simply walked away from what was their biggest investment. People were hurting! The obvious question was, "What would life be like if you didn't have a mortgage?"

What is your business best known for? Helping people live a debt-free lifestyle, build wealth and secure their financial future.

Does your business offer a special deals card or program? We are offering a 50 percent discount during the month of January.

What's something interesting about your business your customers might not know? For a one-time fee, our customers enjoy unlimited access to our web-based financial software program. It helps people get their financial house in order. For example, most homeowners with a brand new 30-year mortgage can pay off that loan in six-15 years, saving tens of thousands of dollars. Our "what if" feature presents the true effect of an additional expense (vacation, new tires, etc.) or additional revenue (part-time job). The program will track multiple mortgages as well as investments.

Why did you choose to open your business in Grayslake? I chose Grayslake because I've lived here since 2000. The Village is financially stable and just imagine if all the homeowners were debt-free!


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