DiPiero’s: Serving Authentic Italian Dishes for 30 Years

DiPiero’s Ristorante in Lake Zurich offers warm ambiance and signature Italian food.


Bob Narcisi Sr., owner of DiPiero’s Ristorante in downtown Lake Zurich, believes that everyone’s first experience with ethnic food should be at an authentic restaurant, which can serve as a benchmark for further forays into that type of food.

“Whether it’s sushi or Italian food, if you’re not introduced to good, traditional food that represents that style of cooking, it’s an injustice . . . The ingredients in a dish give it identity. You can adjust it, but certain things marry well, like French fries and ketchup. We try to produce food the way it should be produced.”

Narcisi has been serving authentic Italian dishes at DiPiero’s for 30 years. It is among the finest in the area for sampling and indulging in perfectly cooked and spiced, traditional Italian food.

DiPiero’s offers an extensive menu of Italian entrees, especially considering that it is cooked to order and that the restaurant is small, just 12 tables. Entrees are $16-$26. Seafood lovers will find numerous selections including the Chilean Sea Bass alla Vernaccia and Tilapia Antico. Other popular dishes include the Pork Chop Vesuvio, slowly cooked in a white wine sauce, Butternut Squash Tortellacci, and Rigatoni Bolognese. Some favored appetizers are the Calamari Fritti with a signature dipping sauce and Bruschetta with marinated tomatoes. Desserts include Cannoli and Tiramisu that certainly do serve as the delicious standard for what those treats should taste like.

While the DiPiero’s menu has expanded over 30 years, consistency is one of the trademarks of the restaurant.  That consistency also includes the dimly lit dark wood interior and the staff, who have been with DiPiero’s from 7-25 years. His chefs, brothers Octavio and Julian Jiminez, have been with him for 24 and 25 years.

Narcisi said when he makes changes they need to be subtle because his customers don’t like big changes.  After all, one of the things that sets DiPiero’s apart is that it offers a comfortable sense of place that one can return to and know what to expect.

“There aren’t many places like that,” Narcisi said. “You can come here at 20 and come back at 50. You remember when your parents took you to the establishment and you can take your children to the same place.”

Prior to settling in at DiPiero’s, Narcisi managed and partnered in restaurants in Chicago. He now runs the restaurant with his sons, Bob Narcisi Jr and Jimmy Narcisi.

DiPiero’s does not take reservations, and there is usually a wait on the weekends. But Narcisi said the wait isn’t overly long and many customers dine at the bar, and in fact prefer bar seating.

DiPiero’s also offers award-winning pizza and catering through DiPiero’s Lakeland Caterers, located next door on Old Rand Road. The catering and pizza were winners in Lake Zurich-Barrington Patch Reader’s Choice Awards 2012.

Narcisi encourages people to come out to DiPiero’s, on the corner of Old Rand Road and Main Street, whether on a date with your spouse or your family, and start a tradition.



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Gail B December 05, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Tried to eat there a few weeks ago. We were SO rudely treated, I will not be back. There food is very nice, I have eaten there in the past, but the last few times, bus boys block the entrance standing around and the owner was more interested in his beverage than greeting us.
DaddyO December 10, 2012 at 09:31 PM
Thanks Gail, the place sounds just like I remember it 10 years ago. I'll spend my dough elsewhere.
rose@couture360.com December 14, 2012 at 03:26 PM
DiPiero's is the best in the business... they do care about their patrons and treat their customers with respect and appreciation.They remember your name and take care of you.The food is always consistent and loyalty is rewarded!!! People that rarely frequent a business and then expect special treatment when they walk in to a busy restaurant, is unrealistic.They have been a great business in Lake Zurich for many many years which says something about their service. Very Happy they're still here!!!
DaddyO December 20, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Rose, you consider respect and politeness "special treatment"??? I hope you dont run your salon with the same attitude. I prefer businesses that work hard to earn their customers EVERY time, not just after they've noticed you been there several times already. I'm sure DiPiero's will be in business for a long time thanks to their regulars and are happy to rest on those laurels. What could possibly go wrong with that, right?
JF May 08, 2013 at 02:17 AM
Cute, tight place. That's its charm. Service is mixed and yes, they do seem to favor the "regulars." Most dishes are fine. We avoid any shellfish though (baked clams, mussels, etc.) because more than once the texture and smell was off (not fresh, should not have been served).


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