Last Chance Saloon Closes

The Last Chance Saloon and Grill in downtown Grayslake has closed, but new owners will be taking over the location.

The Last Chance Saloon and Grill, a downtown Grayslake landmark for nearly 20 years, closed its doors Monday. The new owners, who have yet to be identified, will be taking over the business and reopening, reportedly in a matter of weeks.

Former Last Chance owners Gary Roberts Sr. and Gary Roberts Jr. posted this statement on their Facebook Monday:

Today is a day that is very sad for me but someone once said nothing last forever. It has been a pleasure for my son and I to own The Last Chance for the past 19 years. Tomorrow we pass ownership on.

The new owners will be closing the restaurant for a few weeks but it will only be better when it reopens. Thanks to all the great guest and employees who made The Chance such a success. Stop by today and say Hi. Thanks, Gary and Gary.

The Center Street restaurant, known for its laid-back character, kitschy Western decor and eccentric memorabilia and pictures, like the John Wayne mural on the porch, had its last gathering with the old gang Monday night.

"My son and I had a great 19 years serving the Grayslake and surrounding communities," Gary Roberts Sr. told Patch via e-mail. "It was time for me to move on and I think the new owners will put new life back in The Chance. Very sad time for us."

Loyal, long-time Last Chance customers have been posting reactionary comments and well-wishes on their Facebook

"Oh wow. Grayslake will never be the same. Good luck to you," wrote Chantelle Rogers Rodriguez.

"My Dad used to work there," wrote Christina Morales. "I remember Big Gary And Little Gary. They were nice people!"

"Thank you for all of your support of The Oasis/Grayslake Youth Center. Wishing you sweet times in your futures," wrote Joyce Campbell.

"So sad! My husband and I met at the Chance. Thanks for the great memories," wrote Maribel Lopez.

"Thanks Gary Sr. and Gary Jr. You have made many Friday and Saturday nights awesome and Sunday and Monday football nights over the past few years great. I hope they don't change the inside of the bar. I love the interior," wrote Joseph Kozikowski.

"My favorite place in town. Hope it stays the same. You were wonderful and had great food and fantastic customer service. Hope that doesn't change. Will miss seeing you -- best of luck," wrote Julie Hoffer Marcus.

Grayslake landmark

With its distinguished omega-shaped roof line design, the building the Last Chance inhabits is a local historical landmark. According to the  the structure was originally built in 1902 at 133 Center Street. In 1941, the building became home to the 5&10c Store. Its penny-candy counter is displayed at the Grayslake Heritage Center & Museum.

Share your memories of The Last Chance Saloon in the comments.

Nightcrawler November 21, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Dang. I thought they'd convert it into a UFC fight venue.
Don December 04, 2012 at 08:49 PM
Rumor is that Emil's bought the chance and are turning it into an Italian Steak Restuarant.
Amy Moffatt December 11, 2012 at 08:01 PM
It's sad to see the Last Chance Saloon closed but when your competing with other restaurant's in Grayslake it's a dog eat dog world out there. I've lived in Grayslake for 19 years and I loved how on my birthday I would get a card in the mail so I am going to miss that. I hope the new owner's can do something right to that building and make sure that they bring in the right customers like the Last Chance had everytime I visited it.
DR76 January 22, 2013 at 10:39 PM
When I ate here in the 90s I loved it. Slowly the food quality seemed to taper off. I never attended the karaoke or drank, so maybe I was missing its real value. Of course, I don't enjoy seeing small business struggle, but I also 'vote with my dollars' and I am part of why it closed. I stopped going there because I felt I could get something I enjoyed more elsewhere.
Luke Warmwater March 09, 2013 at 09:46 PM
My dad created the original LCS in the 60's, built it out of Pat Sheehan's bar. Our trips out west collected a lot of the art on the walls and I used to stock the coolers before going to GCHS each morning. It was a labor of love. Dad's vision will live on and that's good.


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