State Rep's Health Fair Ruffles Avon Twp. Supervisor

Avon Township Supervisor Sam Yingling, who is a Democratic candidate for the 62nd House, accuses Republican incumbent Sandy Cole of using health fair for political gains at taxpayers' expense.

62nd District State Rep. Sandy Cole (R-Grayslake) is sponsoring a Women and Seniors' Health & Wellness Fair in Round Lake Beach Wednesday. The event will include dozens of local businesses and service providers, but no township representation.

As the area's only public provider of emergency services for seniors, Avon Township should have a presence at the health fair, said , who is running against for her state representative seat.

But they weren't invited, despite appealing to Cole in a letter dated Aug. 7.

Yingling feels Cole's sponsorship of the health fair is politically motivated and that her campaign will benefit from the participating vendors.

"You need to consider that vendors are being given a direct economic benefit. It's grossly unfair," said Yingling in a statement.

"Sandy Cole should not be using our tax dollars to pick winners and losers, especially those that she profits from."

Cole told Patch events such as these are not unusual for state officials, that it is part of her job as state representative. Throughout her term she has hosted events benefitting veterans, about autism and to increase Internet safety.

She added that she is paying for the event's refreshments herself.

"There is nothing for sale here. There is nothing campaign-related. It's not a political forum. It's community outreach," said Cole.

In fact, said Cole, 51st District State Rep. Ed Sullivan (R-Mundelein) and 26th District State Sen. Dan Duffy (R-Lake Barrington) are planning to host a similar health fair at the Libertyville Sports Complex.

None of the five townships within her district are participating in Wednesday's health fair, said Cole, nor are any locally elected officials, though representatives from various state offices, such as treasurer and comptroller, are expected.

Other attendees will include the , Lake County Sheriff's Office, Walgreen's, Advocate Condell Medical Center, Vista Health Systems, the Better Business Bureau and others.

The health fair will be held 9 a.m. to noon Wednesday, Aug. 29 at the Round Lake Beach Civic Center off Hook Drive, next to the village hall and post office complex.

There will be free medical screenings and literature.

Tim Howe August 30, 2012 at 02:32 PM
How does Rep. Cole justify a health fair which excludes one of the prime PUBLIC providers of access to health care for seniors and other at-risk/in-need citizens? The Townships offer transportation and other important access, and the ONLY possible reason for excluding them is to make sure that Sup. Yingling does not "crash" her party. This is playing partisan politics at the expense of the health and welfare of citizens who need these services the most. Shame on you, Rep. Cole.
Andrew Kretschmar August 30, 2012 at 03:34 PM
"There is nothing for sale here. There is nothing campaign-related. It's not a political forum. It's community outreach," said Cole. Well that's an odd quote to make to a reporter because I bought something for $25. I also collected several flyers which listed prices for the very services offered at the 'fair'. I also have a bag that has Representative Sandy Cole's campaign logo on it (she conveniently provided those as you walked in - the logo can be found on her campaign website). Nothing for sale and nothing campaign-related. Nothing to see here. Move along...
Kathy Oetker August 30, 2012 at 03:42 PM
I did like her to answer that too.
Kathy Oetker August 30, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Ms. Cole. Officals who represent and assist the same constituents should be working together. Regardless of Mr. Yingling's running aginst you, you both currently hold positions that should be working together. The Avontownship provides many more services to Seniors than does your office. Your unwillingness to work with other office holders is a reason for me not to vote for you. I also am wondering why you only invited Catholic Charities to represent Women's health issues and adoptions. There are other agencies that are available for both of those. This is an example of only having a conservate religioius group representing these providers. Don't get me wrong Catholic Charities does a great job. However, they limit the types of services they provide. Planned Parenthood should have been there. Also agencies that allow single and same sex couple to adopt should have been there. Time for change - I have to say that is clearly Sam Ying Ling. I agree that Ms. Cole needs to repay us taxpayers for her political event.
Denise August 31, 2012 at 01:49 AM
I do find this interesting in who has been invited to participate, again repeating many of the same comments already made. Those who are directly involved in Avon Townships' citizens health and well being have been ignored while offering opportunities for political posturing for those on the periphery. I sense Ms Cole exaggerating the intentions of her fair to favor her re-election rather than a concern for constituents. More politics as usual? Go, Mr Yingling, go!


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