Healthiest Chocolate Easter Eggs for Kids

HealthCastle.com tells us what Easter chocolates are best for our kids, and which varieties are the worst.

Easter is here, and with it, for many Grayslake kids, that also means a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Here are some health facts about chocolate eggs and other candies, before you dig into the candy basket.

According to dietitan Gloria Tsang, founder of HealthCastle.com, choosing the right chocolate for your child is an important Easter decision.

"Many big brands produce chocolate eggs specifically for the Easter season," Tsang said. "Since parents are buying products they don't buy the rest of the year, they may not have checked out the ingredients of each product."

Here are HealthCastle.com's top items to watch for when buying chocolate eggs:

  • Sugar: You know chocolate eggs contain sugar. But you might be surprised that all brands reviewed contain more sugar than cocoa. The key source of sugar is often a candy shell.
  • Artificial dyes: Colorful candy shells contain dye, of course. But some contain Yellow No. 5, which may cause hyperactivity in some kids.
  • Artificial flavor and wax: Yes, wax. Many branded chocolates use wax in their formulas. Look for brands that skip this "extra" ingredient.

Information provided by HealthCastle.com

laurie barbara April 08, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Keep in mind none of it is healthy for pets!! heres what you need to know if your gets their paws on some -- http://www.webvet.com/main/2012/04/08/my-dog-ate-chocolate-3-things-know


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