2012 Teacher Retirees Over $120,000

140 K-12 teachers, not including administrators, retired this year with pensions over $100,000; 15 retired with pensions over $120,000.

There has been much talk lately about pensions given the strike here in Grayslake. As I discussed in the ForOurChildrensFuture.com townhall meetings how the end of career salary hikes artificially inflate retirement salaries making them fiscally unsustainable.  In fact there are over 140 K-12 teachers, not including administrators, retired this year with pensions over $100,000. Below are those who retired with pensions over $120,000. 

Name School District Retire Date Annual Pension Subject Connell, Harold W Maine TWP HSD 207 6/8/2012       183,688 Driv Ed Monahan, Kenneth C Leyden CHSD 212 5/25/2012       156,033 Spanish Spallato, Anthony F Maine TWP HSD 207 6/8/2012       152,472 Spec Ed Nelson, Jerrold S Maine TWP HSD 207 6/8/2012       147,705 Math Brazier, Michael E Proviso TWP HSD 209 5/26/2012       143,668 Phys Ed Conway, Timothy J Highland Park TWP HSD 113 6/9/2012       131,649 Drama Myers, Carol J Highland Park TWP HSD 113 6/9/2012       130,451 Phys Ed Cratty, Cathy M Highland Park TWP HSD 113 6/9/2012       129,500 Guidance Castronova, Thomas I Maine TWP HSD 207 6/8/2012       128,046 Spec Ed Wietlispach, Michael A Palatine TWP HSD 211 6/9/2012       127,125 Science DeFalco, Joseph V Jr. Hinsdale TWP HSD 86 6/8/2012       125,947 Spec Ed Lombardi, Rick M Maine TWP HSD 207 6/8/2012       125,834 Guidance Meltzer, Eugene M Avoca SD 37 6/9/2012       121,963 English Heiteen, Jan L Downers Grove CHS 99 6/2/2012       120,491 English Franz, William E Jr. Consolidated HSD 230 5/30/2012       120,228 Driv Ed

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Lennie Jarratt February 03, 2013 at 04:44 AM
If you want to have an open and honest discussion setup a meeting so we can talk face to face. As everyone can see all you want to do is make personal attacks instead of have a real conversation. Answering your questions in depth serve no useful purpose when all you want to do is hide behind an alias and attack.
Ed Brown February 03, 2013 at 11:46 AM
Suntime story August 2012 had a link to a database on school staff salaries. http://www.suntimes.com/data/14314316-666/database-search-for-illinois-teacher-and-administrator-salaries.html
Johnson H. February 04, 2013 at 07:44 PM
Lennie, I get your point, but with about 140,000 teachers in Illinois, and about 10,000 of them making over 100L, it only translates to about 7 or 8%. It is not as egregious as it sounds.
Johnson H. February 04, 2013 at 07:59 PM
So I looked through the link and looked up Grayslake 46, there is a wide range of employees, some over 100K (not many) and some down at about 30K all full time 100% they call them. There are even some teachers who have been in the illinois system for 10 years making about 30K. So lets take a conservative number like 70K and as Lennies pointed out average is about 25 years in the system. 25 Years time 2.2 % = 55% for a retirement benefit. This equals $38,500/year as a retired teacher after 25 years. It is not even close to the 100K pensions that are being fround upon. The 100 K pensions are the exceptions. What they need to fix is the double dippers, the work for 1 day and collect a pension teachers. They need to fix the system, and fix the funding that the politicians did not provide, while our teachers paid their side of the deal.
Joe Oblivious February 19, 2013 at 07:14 PM
Thanks for post Lennie. It appears you have a flock of trolls on you rear.


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