A New Year, A New Me: Week Eight

My journey towards fitness.

We are down to Crunch Time in the Lose 20/40 Pounds in 10 Weeks program at in Grayslake. We are just starting the final two weeks of the program and Coach Lauri Robinson wants to see us all put in the effort to get the most results out of this session.

Everyone in the class is at a different fitness level, from the very fit working to improve performance in a triathalon to those of us who are...not so much fit. But we are all still working on getting better. I think that is the key.

Start from wherever you are. Don't wait until you lose 20 pounds before you join a gym to lose the next 10. Just start today. Take that first step.

So this week, I am taking steps. Lots of them.

A few crazy people from TFP are meeting at 5 a.m. to go on an hour walk. Getting up that early is insane, until I realized that it is much easier to meet my calorie burn targets if I start that early, as Coach Lauri recommended. You also continue burning more throughout the day. A win-win that hopefully will lead to a bigger loss next Monday.

My goals are to burn 3,000 calories per day. On Monday, I burned 3,722 with a walk in the morning, a lunchtime run and our 90-minute workout/weigh-in at TFP. My BodyBugg tracked a total of 18, 452 steps. On Tuesday, I burned 3,375 calories (two power walks - 14,678 steps) and on Wednesday, 3,382 calories (walk and a run - 16,793 steps). 

What is my point in sharing this? That it can be done. You can find a way to fit exercise into your day. With my work and family schedule, I found that I have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to meet the group for our 5 a.m. walk to get enough burn in early. But it CAN happen. 

My new favorite saying that someone shared on Pinterest is: Success is a million, tiny steps in the right direction.

Or even 16,793 daily steps....


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