Braiman 'is Well-Equipped for Success' as Judge

Letter to the editor

I have had the privilege to know Jeff Braiman for many years in a variety of capacities – as an attorney, as an elected official and as a friend. I have observed first-hand that Jeff is well-equipped for success as a Judge. He has shown himself to be an outstanding professional. He is intelligent, a creative thinker and a strong communicator. He is a patient man of impeccable character and integrity. 

Jeff has been a highly effective public official, demonstrating unwavering commitment to the betterment of our community. He has a record of literally decades of exceptional public service. He has demonstrated great sensitivity, generosity and compassion when dealing with the public on difficult matters. He has shown a talent for effective communication, and for resolving contentious issues. He possesses an ability to carefully choose between two positions, while adhering to principles of fairness and common sense. In short, Jeff has demonstrated the ability to make difficult, principled decisions in the public eye, all the while conducting himself with civility and grace under pressure. 

Jeff also possesses a broad range of experience and a diversified professional background that will serve him well as a Judge. He has extensive experience in both criminal and civil litigation matters. He has represented clients successfully in a wide variety of courtrooms and venues in both the state and federal system. And, in his role on the Village Board, he has effectively and ably discharged a judicial-type role. 

Jeff Braiman’s character, demeanor, background and broad experiences lend themselves well to judicial service. The Lake County Bar Association has rated him “Recommended.” I concur. Jeff is well-qualified, and he would be an asset to the judiciary. He will be a Judge who fosters public trust and confidence in our legal system. He will be a Judge who listens and makes fair decisions independent from outside influences. That is why I hope you will join with me to elect Jeff Braiman as Circuit Judge for Lake County’s 3rd Judicial Subcircuit on November 6.

Jeff Berman

Buffalo Grove

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