Fly Me to the ... Supermoon?

Ready for the Supermoon and the Eta Aquarid meteor shower this weekend?

Should the skies clear Saturday night, the moon we'll see will appear super large and super close.

It'll be what's called a "Supermoon," where the moon is at perigee — its closest approach to Earth, according to The Washington Post. The moon will be just 221,802 miles away from us and will look like it's 16 percent brighter than a typical full moon, The Washington Post reports.

So what's the best time to see this Supermoon? The Washington Post says the moon will officially be full at 10:34 p.m., with perigee occurring at 10:35 p.m. If you're able to catch any pictures of this, feel free to share them here on Patch!

And there's one more cool thing you can check out this weekend: the Eta Aquarid meteor shower! As an astronomy buff, I love a good meteor shower. I've even sat outside covered in blankets to stay warm in the fall or winter to watch meteors streak across the sky.

According to Astronomy.com, the Eta Aquarid meteor shower is formed by dust particles from Halley's Comet. The Eta Aquarids will reach their peak before dawn Saturday (with the possibility of seeing up to 60 meteors an hour), though the full moon will limit seeing some meteors. Astronomy.com recommends sitting in a spot where the moon is blocked by a building or trees.

Let me know if you see anything!


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