Schneider Will 'Get Things Done in Congress'

Letter to the editor

That last year in Congress has been one of the worst in history. Economic recovery, stabilizing the middle class and the overall public interest has taken a back seat to partisan politics. Congress is more dysfunctional than ever before. These reasons make the current March 20th primary so important.

It is so important because we need to make Congress functional again. We need Congress to work for and represent the people, instead of working blindly for partisan politics. We need a Congress that is about solutions. These solutions can only come from working both sides of the isle, creating a more collegial atmosphere, and working to find common ground.

I wonder if the Democrats in the 10th District realize this? Ilya Sheyman has manufactured an issue over Brad Schneider’s political contributions over the past two (Stevenson High School & 10th Dems) debates. From the debates, I learned Brad Schneider is willing to stand for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.  But it must be said — Because you are for something, does not make you against everything else.

This manufactured issue made me wonder about Ilya Sheyman and his campaign. I wonder if Ilya Sheyman would contribute to making Congress more functional. I wonder if he will be able to work both sides of the aisle? I wonder if politics will take precedent over representing the true needs of people in this district? I wonder if he has the experience necessary to bring all his passionate ideas to fruition — or will they just be that … young (Age 25) passionate ideas? Mr. Sheyman’s is passionate, but that passion seems to border on extremes. I wonder if the voters in the 10th District will have “buyer’s remorse”, just like those who voted for another passionate extreme candidate now running in the 8th?

I don’t have to wonder about Brad Schneider. Brad Schneider will bring the experience, intelligence, and communication skills necessary to actually get things done in Congress. Brad will do this without compromising the Democratic values he and I share. I know this because I have seen these same Democratic values instilled in his two sons. I don’t have to wonder about Brad Schneider and that’s why he will get my vote in the March 20th primary.

Dave Rauen


flower child March 06, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Brad Schneider’s contributions to Kirk and other Republicans is not a “manufactured issue,” but rather an answer to the claim that Mr. Schneider has made OVER and OVER AGAIN that he is a “Progressive” candidate. Brad Schneider is a Kirk-Democrat, a special breed of people who for the sake of Israel, (which would be blown off the map if it weren’t for Mark Kirk-- say what?-- ?!?!?!?) worked tirelessly as a group in election year after election year to snuff out our chances to have even a Moderate Democratic voice speaking for us on the House floor. Where were the Kirk-Democrats in 2010, when, with Kirk on the ballot for the Senate seat, they could have rallied around Dan Seals? Brad, a “Progressive” candidate? I don’t think so. Do you all (all you Brad supporters helping Brad write his ad copy) even understand what a “Progressive” Democrat is?
nsmom March 06, 2012 at 10:41 PM
Amen to that, flower child. And as for getting things done, Sheyman has built a bigger, stronger organization and raised significantly more money. If you look at the donors (public info), you'll see that much of Schneider's money comes from his own family and his family's businesses. Net of all that, Sheyman is way ahead. Sheyman also has attracted many times more donors than Schneider. Progressive is as Progressive does, and claiming to be progressive means very little. When all the activists favor the same guy, that says a lot.


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