Grayslake Residents Sound Off on Backyard Chickens

Should backyard chickens be allowed in Grayslake? 

Last week, Grayslake Patch posed that question to readers after the Graysake village board in recent weeks discussed the matter of allowing backyard hens. 

Here is a look at some of those responses: 
  • JonShould backyard chickens be allowed in Grayslake? ABSOLUTELY!
  • Barbara EnrightYes. Builds responsible young adults, fresh eggs for the family and they are quieter than barking dogs.
  • Paula CaseyNot being raised anywhere near chickens, I have some concerns. Would this be regulated as far as making sure they are clean and disease free? My husband has worked around chickens and says there is quite an odor. If that would be the case, I would not want them anywhere near my backyard. I chose to live in a development, not near a farm.
  • JonI live next to a family that has two large dogs that bark incessantly. Their yard isn't cleaned nearly often enough. I can't imagine a few chickens being any worse. So do we ban all animals? Or do we respect our neighbors and be responsible animal owners. If someone wants to have chickens and will take proper care of them then what's the problem? Besides chickens can make good pets and fresh eggs taste great.
The village board last week decided to table any decision on permitting backyard hens to allow for more time to research the measure, according to the Daily Herald. 

Evan Mittlestaedt, 11, and Natalie Sturm, 15, both of Grayslake, helped bring the backyard chicken issue to the village's attention with Evan meeting with Mayor Rhett Taylor in August 2012 and Natalie and her mother bringing a proposal before the plan commission/zoning board of appeals, according to the article.

As part of a proposal discussed during Tuesday's meeting, homeowners would be allowed to have up to six egg-laying hens that would need to be fenced in a 6-square-foot coop, which was at least eight feet from any neighboring property, according to the article. 

Sarah H. March 14, 2014 at 02:17 PM
I think backyard chickens are a fabulous idea!! Most breeds are not only great pets, but they are very eco-friendly to raise, and give people an opportunity to learn to take care of themselves. Let's face it. Most ppl living in this town couldn't tell you the first thing about growing food or raising livestock. Our farmers are endangered; maybe it's time to gain a little knowledge about the world around us that doesn't have to do with superficial garbage.


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