Police Find 2 Children Stabbed to Death in Naperville Home

Police are questioning a "person of interest" after they were called to do a wellbeing check Tuesday night.

Two children were found stabbed to death Tuesday night during a wellbeing check at a townhouse on the 800 block of Quin Court in Naperville, police said. 

Police have a person of interest in custody and charges may be forthcoming, according to a media release. The Chicago Tribune reports that the woman being questioned is the mother of one of the children and was babysitting the other. One child was 5 and the other was 7 or 8.

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The woman is in her 40s and originally from Poland, according to ABC 7. ABC reports that two dogs were also found stabbed to death in the home. Animal control representatives entered and exited the home within a half hour, carrying towels and a crate.

Crime scene investigators were at the home around noon Wednesday. A gray unmarked van backed into the garage around that time and left a half hour later. Several squad cars remained on the scene around 1:20 p.m.

Naperville police do not believe any other suspects are at large, according to the media release. 

The younger child was a kindergarten student at Brookdale Elementary School in Indian Prairie District 204, while the other child attended Naperville District 203.

"The district's crisis team is in place this morning to support students and staff as they cope with this news," Brookdale Principal Mary Howicz said in a statement. "They will remain in place for as long as necessary as students work through their feelings and grief."

Howicz said referred parents to this resource for guidance in speaking with children about what happened.

Naperville Professional Firefighters Local 4302 called the incident "an awful tragedy" on their Facebook page Wednesday morning.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who suffer in this loss," the post said. "We are also thinking and praying for our brothers and sisters who responded to this scene."

Patch editor Collin Czarnecki is reporting from the scene. Check back with Naperville Patch as we update this developing story.

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