Avon Supervisor Won't Seek Re-Election

Sam Yingling, who was elected state representative for the 62nd District in November, announces he won't seek a second term as Avon Township Supervisor. He endorses the slate Avon Action, which includes incumbent clerk Lisa Rusch for supervisor.

Endorses Avon Action, “The team that made Avon Township a model of efficiency”

Sam Yingling will not seek another term as Avon Township Supervisor. Yingling was elected to the Illinois House in the 62nd District in November.

“I’m sad to be leaving a job I love. But I can move on with confidence, knowing my colleagues will carry-­‐ on the work that has made Avon Township a model for local government efficiency," said Yingling.

In 2009, Yingling and his team defeated a decades-­‐old incumbency and enacted a reform program many doubted possible. They reduced Township tax levies every year in office, totaling 22 percent; reduced pay to elected officials by nearly 30 percent; and generated record surpluses. While achieving dramatic economic efficiencies, Avon Township expanded services.

With Yingling moving on, current Avon Township Clerk Lisa Rusch is running for supervisor. Rusch will be running with incumbent assessor Chris Ditton, incumbent highway commissioner Tom Brust, and incumbent trustees Mark Feldstein and Randy Evangelides. All ran on the same slate in 2009. They are running again as Avon Action, along with Elona Hamilton for clerk and Christopher Larson and Lisa DeLaMar for trustee.

“Lisa and I didn’t know each other very well when we ran together in 2009,” said Yingling, “but she is a natural leader and organizer. She always has the best interest of the community in mind. There is no one more capable of continuing on the successful path we started.”

Rusch echoes Yingling’s sentiment.

“It has been exciting and challenging to be part of an administration that has redefined local government. I look forward to building on our successes, continuing to collaborate with community organizations, and protecting the tax cuts that we have delivered to the people of Avon Township.”

Submitted by Andrew Kretschmar on behalf of Sam Yingling and Avon Action.

Ken Odom December 19, 2012 at 09:18 PM
How often do you find a elected community group that actually improves the lives of their constituents? Sam and the other members of this slate have done an excellent job, especially considering what they inherited! Lower taxes, better administration and competent representation: that's what they promised almost 4 years ago and that is what they delivered!! Re-elect this group they will continue the EXCELLENCE........
Carmen Dickens January 13, 2013 at 05:09 PM
January 8th, 2013 by Gene Carey Lisa Rusch votes herself in as Avon Township Supervisor Lisa Rusch votes herself in as Avon Township Supervisor In a (not so) surprise move last night during a special Avon Township Board Meeting, Supervisor candidate, Avon Township Clerk Lisa Rusch, became the new Avon Township Supervisor. Sam Yingling, who was elected to be the District 62 Illinois State Representative, resigned effective December 31st. At the meeting Trustee Mark Feldstein moved to appoint Lisa Rusch Supervisor and Trustee Randy Evangilides seconded. After much discussion and with the vote two in favor and two against, Clerk Rusch broke the tie in her favor. By voting herself into the position, she raised her salary from $24,000 a year to approximately $72,000 (equivalent to $18,000 for the three months before the April 9th election results). With both Feldstein and Evangilides running alongside her on the “Avon Action” slate, this would appear to be a conflict of interest not to mention that voting for yourself in a way that benefits you financially is also considered a conflict. This sure has the smell of good old Chicago style politics reaching out into Lake County. I wasn’t aware that the clerk actually had a vote in the first place unless it was to replace a Board member. What are your thoughts? Editors Note: After the 2013 elections the Supervisor and Highway Commissioner will receive the following “reduced” annual salary:


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