Grayslake Approves Backyard Hens

The Grayslake Village Board on Tuesday approved backyard chickens for single-family homeowners in Grayslake.

If you have wanted to keep a hen in your backyard in Grayslake, now is your chance. 

The Grayslake Village Board on Tuesday approved chickens for residents in single-family homes as long as the hens are only used for laying eggs, according to the Daily Herald. 

Restrictions require that no more than six hens be kept in rear yards of a single-family home. Each chicken must be kept in separate 6-square-foot coops and be at least 8 feet from a neighboring property line, according to the article. 

Residents can not slaughter the chickens or sell the eggs and each single-family homeowner must register with the Illinois Department of Agriculture Livestock Program, the Daily Herald reports. 

Evan Mittlestaedt, 11, and Natalie Sturm, 15, both of Grayslake, helped bring the backyard chicken issue to the village's attention, according to an earlier Daily Herald article.

Evan met with Mayor Rhett Taylor in August 2012 and Natalie and her mother brought a proposal before the plan commission/zoning board of appeals, according to the article.

Read more on the Daily Herald. 

Jeff July 06, 2014 at 11:18 PM
Great work Evan and Natalie! Thank you. I'll admit I'm surprised this is being allowed, but happy that it is.
Wallace C. Winter July 07, 2014 at 06:55 PM
Congratulations to the Grayslake Village Trustees for allowing backyard, sustainable, healthy food-production in the form of freshly laid eggs. I'm proud to live in a community that recognizes the health value (to our bodies and the planet) of local food production. A recent study of local agricultural initiatives, approved and adopted by the Lake County Board, estimated that if we all consumed food grown or raised locally, it would add over $500 million to the county's economy each year. In addition to considering hens, we should all consider installing raised gardens in our back (and front) yards and start growing our own veggies and fruit. Let's hope Evan and Natalie run for office as village trustees when they reach 18. We need them.


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