Grayslake Leaf Vacuuming Program Begins Next Week

Starting Monday, Oct. 22, Grayslake residents can have their un-bagged leaves picked up.

The Village of Grayslake’s 2012 Residential Leaf Vacuuming Program will run for six weeks beginning Oct. 22 through Nov. 30.

Leaves should be placed un-bagged in a line within three feet of the curb or edge of the street before 6 a.m. on the scheduled service day.

In those areas without sidewalks, all leaves that have been raked into piles would be collected within seven feet of the street. Please do not deposit leaves into the street.

Visit www.villageofgrayslake.com for access to the leaf vacuuming route map, which includes a listing of tentatively scheduled service days for specific routes.

For more information, or to confirm leaf vacuuming and garbage pick-up days, please contact the Request for Service System at (847) 223-8515.

Submitted by the Village of Grayslake


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