New Music Program for Children at Grayslake Area Public Library

Source: Grayslake Public Library press release

The following program is free and all children age 2-5 whose parent/caregiver is a Grayslake Area Public Library District cardholder may participate.

Did you know that music can build listening skills, enhance abstract thinking, improve memory, and encourages the use of compound words, rhymes, and images in children?  

Children who are exposed to music, sing songs, and move to the beat enjoy what experts call, ‘a rich sensory environment’.  

To assist families in creating this environment for their children, the Grayslake Area Public Library has created 101 Kids Song Classics. 101 Kids Song Classics is a self-directed music program to bring traditional children’s songs and their lyrics to children and their families.

Children and their parents/caregivers can register for 101 Kids Song Classics at the Youth Services Desk and pick up their first booklet containing both the titles and words to 25 classic songs.  CDs containing these songs are available for checkout and are marked with colored music notes.  After the children have listened to all 25 songs and can sing the main part of each song, another booklet containing 25 different songs is available.  Small rewards will be given out along the way to encourage children to complete all 101 songs.

The benefits for children who receive early and continual exposure to music are well documented and researchers continue to find even more reasons that music is a springboard to learning in all subjects.  

Early exposure to music’s rhythmic patterns introduces the building blocks of mathematical thinking.  Singing and listening to nursery songs, folk songs, and jingles can extend and develop vocabulary and comprehension skills.

The Grayslake Area Public Library has many resources available to help parents include music in their child’s day.  To learn more,  go to www.grayslake.info, call 847-223-5313, and Find Us On Facebook.  


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