No Levy Increase Proposed for Avon Township

Avon Township tax levy for 2012 to remain at 2011 levels.

Avon Township will not be increasing its tax levy for 2012.

The proposed levy of $1.62 million is the same as the 2011 levy, which was decreased 13.7 percent from 2010.

Because no increase is being proposed, a public hearing is not required. The township board will vote on the levy at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 10 at the Avon Township Center, 433 E. Washington St., in Round Lake Park.

The township will levy $550,000 for the Town Fund and $140,000 for the General Assistance Fund. The highway commission will levy $860,511 for the Permanent Road Fund and $68,687 for the General Road Fund, for a total levy of $1.62 million.

The township was extended $1.62 million in 2011. When asked how much he thought the 2012 extension would be, Supervisor Sam Yingling said it can be difficult to determine.

"It is sometimes a little higher or a little lower than the levy requested. During the extension of 2011, the Town and General Assistance Fund received $7,179 more than it levied and Highway Funds received $374 more than it levied."


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