Poll Results: Reduce Uncertainty for Business to Lower Unemployment

Readers find most agreement on issues where Dold and Schneider concur with each other. New poll asks readers if the economy or health care is the most important issue.


A large number of readers responding to the latest Patch poll measuring which steps people favor to reduce unemployment in America agree with two issues where and his , agree.

Schneider and Dold both think unemployment will decrease and more jobs will be created if the government takes steps to ease access to capital for companies and lessen the burden of regulation on small business.

Of the 57 people who responded to the unscientific survey, 19 favor easing regulatory burden on small business and another 14 think government should make it easy for companies to borrow money.

The most readers, 21, believe less financial uncertainty would be the best thing to spur job creation while three think easing barriers on American exports will help most. These are both issues Dold champions in his Main Street Jobs Agenda.

While Schneider and Dold were offering similar ideas to help the economy, their campaigns were busy branding the opposition as something more extreme than their words. Some patch readers, like Moraine Township Republican Chairman Lou Atsaves, were quick to defend their candidate.

“The Schneider attempts to portray Dold as a Tea Party adherent are deliberate falsehoods,” Atsaves writes. “If Dold ‘voted the party line 82 percent’ of the time, and yet (state Rep.) Karen May (D-Highland Park) (87 percent) and (state Sen.) Susan Garrett (D-Lake Forest) (85 percent) voted the ‘party line’ more often, why then do Democrats insist that May and Garrett are ‘independent’ and Dold is not.”

Others, like Stuart Tindall, disagree with Dold and Schneider that small business is the strongest job creation force in the country. He thinks big business is the answer. “What we need is better methods of small business turning into large business,” he writes.

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In contrast to the poll about unemployment, , 637 people voted their opinion and 212 left comments.

With such a difference in the number of readers responding, Patch has prepared a new unscientific poll asking whether they think the economy or health care is the most important issue in the Nov. 6 general election.

The new poll remains open through midnight Saturday. Patch will publish the results Monday.

dmz July 24, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Really? Pres. Obama's administration has created more jobs in 3 1/2 years than George W. created in 8.....facts don't lie.
dold's supporter July 27, 2012 at 05:19 PM
You are so right, degrees are fake. Congressman Dold should close down the Education Dept. because people need to work hard for local, small-businesses not to waste time in schools.
dold's supporter July 27, 2012 at 05:23 PM
And Congressman Dold was working alongside Republicans since that time as well. We could not thank Mr. Reagan but we can, and should, thank Congressman Robert J. Dold with all our hearts. Stupid voters don't know anything.
dold's supporter July 27, 2012 at 05:29 PM
To some of you who think Dold should pay his employees at Rose Pest Solution any overtime: Congressman Robert Dold does not steal any money from his employees. Those money belong to the Company and thus, to the owner. Besides, the overtime laws favor the lazy employees and I hope Congressman Dold will change them because paying an employee overtime might hurt the business up to the point of closing down. The country was built working more than 40 hours per week with no overtime so why today's lazy bumbs want it? It's amazing how evil Democrats are and how hard are trying to bankrupt small businesses who provide a job to people who don't deserve jobs anyway because many time, they steal from their employers.
A. M. Kelly July 27, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Dear "dold's supporter". I find it funny that you think that "degrees are fake" and that we should forget going to college so that we would only be "educated" only to the point where we could work in a small local business. What makes your remarks particularly funny is your OBVIOUS need for education in the English Language!. For one thing, it's not "those money" belong to the company"-- It's "that" money belongs to the company". For another, I have to cite your rather hillarious misspelling of "bums" as in "today's lazy bums", because what you wrote is "lazy bombs"...Now, I've heard of "smart bombs" and even "dirty bombs", but I must say, I've never heard of "lazy bombs"!. Beyond your remedial English needs, I'd suggest you also take a class in American History. No, Mr. Supporter, this country was NOT "built by people working more than forty hours a week with no overtime", It was, most of the 20th Century built by working CITIZENS, not serfs, and they were paid fairly and with overtime when working past forty hours. If you want to give up all the hard won rights won by workers in the earlier part of the last century, I'd consider emmigrating to another country, as it sounds like you'd be happier being a peasant in the Third World, rather than a citizen in the First.


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