Sheyman Raises $200,000 Since Jan. 1

Waukegan community organizer adds to coffers with less than three weeks before election day.

Continuing to improve his fundraising efforts, disclosed today he raised more than $200,000 since the first of the year in his effort to secure the Democratic nomination to challenge , according to Communications Director Joanna Klonsky. 

Though the current reporting was only two months, Sheyman posted better numbers than he raised for any of the quarters of 2011. His best effort before this was $180,204 in the fourth quarter of last year. 

“With this broad and deep fundraising base, we’ll have the resources needed to reach the Democratic primary voters we need, through a robust field program, an impactful television ad buy, and an innovative mail campaign,” Campaign Manager Annie Weinberg said. 

According to Klonsky, more than 16,000 individuals have donated in excess of $630,000 to the campaign since Sheyman started his effort nearly a year ago. 

The Waukegan community organizer will face Deerfield management consultant , Mundelein attorney and Long Grove business owner in the March 20 Democratic primary. Early voting began Monday. 

The Democratic primary winner will run against Dold in the Nov. 6 general election. Dold is unopposed for the Republican nomination. 

No other candidates have released their fundraising results for January and February. Reports are due to the Federal Election Commission March 8. 

Jon Hall March 04, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Money don't buy you love, and junk mail goes unread to the trash. It is now 2 weeks until the primary, and Brad lists 3 events on his web site's appearance calendar. Sheyman lists 8. I appreciate candidates who are adept at executing "fundamentals", work hard, and hustle. The invisible Brad leaves no impression. Pay attention folks because a dem dolt won't defeat an incumbent DOLT in the general!
Earon Davis March 09, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Alan, I think that 2012 is a different election, a different district and different issues than 2010. And, we have a real chance to send a true progressive willing to fight for reform of our election financing, financial regulation, universal health care, and restraints on absolute corporate power. Do we want to work for change or just get any old democrat elected and hope they won't become a blue dog preventing real change? Besides, why does Schneider claim to be a "Progressive" if he isn't?
Earon Davis March 09, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Daniel, I would guess that Brad didn't intend on running for Congress when he donated money to right-wing Republicans just because they support Israel's current policies towards the Palestinians. He probably didn't intend on running for Congress when he voted in a Republican primary. So, if Brad is 90% Democrat, that's fine, but that does not qualify him to serve as a Progressive Democrat in Congress. We don't have a "machine" here in the 10th District. There are real people you are asking to volunteer their time, energy, hopes and dreams in fighting for our candidates. Some of them resent Brad's helping Republicans, and pretending to be a progressive democrat now. I think this is Ilya Sheyman's time. He is as inspirational and decisive as Brad is moderate and Republican-friendly. We need leaders in Congress - bold leaders who are willing to work with Republicans from strength and vision, not from "big money and business" as usual.
nsmom March 11, 2012 at 07:53 PM
First, the negative ads did not come from the Sheyman campaign. Second, if you attended events for both candidates and heard both speak for the last 6-8 months, as I have, you'd know that the Schneider folks have been much more negative and more misleading. If you want to talk about damaging the party, it's more damaging (and pure conjecture/opinion) to say that Ilya can't win than to talk about the actual fact that Brad has contributed to right-wing Republicans. To call someone a moderate (which is what Brad is -why can't he just admit it?) is not necessarily harmful in a general election, but to call someone unelectable is. So who's the more destructive, damaging candidate here? Lastly, it's pretty clear most of the pro-Schneider posts are written by campaign workers.
Earon Davis March 11, 2012 at 10:19 PM
nsmom makes a good point, I think. Why is Brad the only candidate who can defeat Bob Dold? Is something WRONG with the other candidates? Is it that they aren't as Progressive as Brad? Certainly not! Or, is it that Brad wouldn't support Ilya or John or Vivek? Is that progressive values, or fear-mongering and negative campaigning under the guise of self-congratulatory punditry? Why not stick to the issues instead of the drumbeat of "only brad can win?" We can see who has built a better campaign organization, and who always shows up at important campaign events. We can see who knows the issues inside-out. The voters in this district want a progressive voice in Congress, not another moderate voice in Congress. Been there; done that. Ilya has national support from progressives who see the 10th District as a key national election. Moderate democrats are not so engaged. They want to be free to help support Republicans and often see the plight of the middle class and working class as inevitable. But Ilya has not attacked Brad as being unable to beat Bob Dold. He just pointed out some activities inconsistent with being a Progressive Democrat.


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