State Rep. Sam Yingling Seeks Your Advice

State Rep. Sam Yingling is soliciting residents of the 62nd District to join his advisory committees and let their voice be heard in Springfield.

State Rep. Sam Yingling (D-Grayslake) is encouraging constituents to share their thoughts and help shape his legislative priorities by joining his advisory committees.

“As a new state representative, my first goal is to make the voice of this district heard in Springfield,” Yingling said. “I intend to go to Springfield and tell the Legislature exactly what the people of this district expect, and these committees provide residents with an opportunity to help me do that, by sharing their ideas, their concerns, and their hopes.”

Yingling will begin meeting with his advisory committees next month, in order to discuss legislation being considered by the House, and develop new legislation that can be introduced during the General Assembly’s spring session. Yingling is currently seeking members for his Young Families, Veterans, Education, Health Care, Jobs & Economic Development, Public Safety, Seniors, Women, and Conversation Advisory Panels.

Anyone interested in joining should contact Yingling at repsamyingling@gmail.com.

“I want the people I represent to know what I’m working on, but more importantly I want to hear from them,” Yingling said. “Every bill that passes the House starts with one person, and an idea. These panels are an opportunity for me to hear many different ideas, from many different perspectives. I encourage anyone who has ideas they want to share, questions they want to ask or frustrations they want to express to join me.”

Yingling represents the 62nd District, which contains portions of Gages Lake, Grayslake, Hainesville, the Round Lake communities, and Wauconda.

Submitted by Sam Yingling

SeanS65 January 24, 2013 at 08:00 PM
This is how you lead. Great job Sam!
Carmen Dickens January 25, 2013 at 01:52 PM
Again more smoke and mirrors by Mr. Yingling. It sounds great to get community input but what will it matter when Michael Madigan pumped alot of money into his campaign. As long as the Democrats control Springfield Sam Yingling will have to due the bidding of Michael Madigan. At least with Republican state representative Sandy Cole we had some opposition to bad legislation.


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