And the Winners Are...

Newcomers Shannon Smigielski and Kip Evans join Facklam on District 46 board.

In a tight race marred by political mudslinging, the school board candidates, win or lose, were relieved for the election to be over.

The largest percentage of votes went to Shannon Smigielski, a school bus driver from Hainesville who proposed that she would to be the voice of the people if elected.

"I'm honored and happy to have come out on top. I played it straight the whole way through. The facts speak for themselves," said Smigielski.

One of Smigielski's biggest supporters is Grayslake parent Erik Woehrmann. He had never met the candidate, but had heard about her determination to become involved. 

"Out of the blue, I called her and asked what I could do to help. My wife and I distributed 100 flyers in our neighborhood and asked others to support Shannon's campaign. Voting is the one way you can directly affect the future of your children, the community and your taxes," said Woehrmann.

On board for her third four-year term, incumbent Sue Facklam carried the second largest percentage of the vote. "I'm motivated by the kids. I just have a passion for this school district," said Facklam.

Neighbor and Facklam supporter Lauri Steinhoff was glad to see the election over. "This has been an ugly race. I'm here for Sue. I have never seen someone so committed and so willing to do so much in a volunteer role," Steinhoff said.

Facklam's husband added that the election had been extremely difficult. "I have never seen such lying, cheating and stealing. We had to file a police report. The magnetic signs were taken off our car and multiple campaign signs were taken from people's homes," he said.

Fellow incumbent, Mary Garcia, was not re-elected. Garcia may have been negatively impacted by accusations of nepotism and inappropriate use of school e-mail for her campaign. "I'm just glad the election is over. It's been rough. I don't think I would have wanted the role of board president again. I was running to help keep the district on track as a teacher and parent," she said.

Running alongside fellow candidate Marchell Norris, retired school teacher Kip Evans may have benefitted by being the less vocal of the two. Evans came in third, just two percentage points behind Facklam.

Norris graciously conceded her candidacy. "The important thing is not if I won, but that the people of Grayslake voted and chose the candidates they felt could best do the job. I will add though that with only 10 percent of the community voting, it's hard to say that the majority of people took advantage of the gift we have in this country to exercise our opinion by voting," said Norris.

The next school board will take place tonight, Wednesday, April 6 at 7 p.m. at .

Sully April 09, 2011 at 04:31 PM
carl is correct, tara, there is plenty of evidence or articles written in other journals or websites that verify the information from the huffington article. don't let the source of this particular article lead you to believe it is a false premise.
Lisa Bako April 09, 2011 at 08:01 PM
Thank you Tara! I love doing it!! I agree, volunteers are so important! I wish EVERYONE would give just a little of themselves, our world would be such a better place and I strongly feel it would help unite us both locally and nationally. It feels makes you feel better about yourself and your fellow man. I too hope we can come together for our district. The fight is over. (for now) :o)
Brad Faxton April 11, 2011 at 11:51 PM
@Tara - If you don't read anything on HuffPo, where do you get your factual news? FoxNews? I sure hope not. Certainly the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
Tara Strain April 12, 2011 at 01:58 AM
Brad, I would never be so naive to assume I was receiving factual, unbiased (no spin) information from either a liberal or conservative media outlet. I try to avoid mainstream media altogether and seek the facts from several different sources, but never one that leans politically one way or another. Thomas Jefferson said, “The most truthful part of a newspaper is the advertisements." I was raised by a true hippie, which might explain my affinity to stray from the sheeple. I sincerely believe each party makes its own truth so none of us ever really know what to believe.
Sully April 12, 2011 at 11:12 AM
there is certainly nothing wrong with getting news from multiple sources, however, in the case of the post from huffington, there are facts to back it up. the source does not automatically mean bias in one direction or the other. unfortunately with fox, so much of what they present as fact is actually conjecture, opinion, or just outright lies, that now all media is looked at either as far left or far right, rather than as accurate or inaccurate (which the mainstream media can only blame themselves for. i don't watch mainstream news either.).


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