UPDATED: D46 Seeking Substitute Teachers in Case of Strike

Teachers' union responds to D46 effort to employ temporary substitute teachers and support staff should the Jan. 16 strike date stand.

Update, 8 p.m. Thurs. Dec. 20

Patch has received the following statement from Jim Pergander, business agent for Lake County Federal of Teachers Local 504, the District 46 teachers' union:

Previously, it was announced in the event of a strike Jan. 16 school would be called off. We believe that decision was a wise choice. It is best in the long run to cancel school if, unfortunately, a job action becomes necessary, resolve the issues then resume and complete a full school year with the student's actual teachers delivering instruction.

It appears the board now wants to keep the schools open, using 'temporary' certified teachers, then after a settlement is reached, to resume with a shortened school year with the children’s actual teachers. In effect, the board wants to use 'temporary' certified teachers to babysit the children of the community and to have those days of non-instruction count as actual instructional school days for the purpose of fulfilling a state mandated school year.

We believe such an action would shortchange the community’s children and ultimately, become nullified by the Regional Office of Education. Furthermore, the board's action on last night's levy shows the board believes the district is not in need of new funds. We were of the belief, being told many times by the board, the district's educational fund was in deficit and in need of new funds.

We had thought it was that deficit that was preventing the board from accepting our modest proposal: which is basically no increase in the first year of the contract and a salary schedule freeze with two delayed steps in the second year. Last night's board action underscores our belief the district can afford our proposal and should settle with us. They just don't want to.

Original post

District 46 officials say they are hopeful the Jan. 16 teacher strike can be avoided, but just in case, applications for temporary substitute certified and non-certified staff are being accepted through Jan. 15.

The following statement from the school board was posted Thursday on the district's website:

The Board of Education is hopeful that a new contract with its teachers will be successfully negotiated without disruption to the education of the students. However, it must also prepare in the event those efforts prove unsuccessful, there are no further discussions and the teachers strike.

The Board of Education may consider providing services to students during a strike, if feasible. The Board of Education will collect applications from appropriately certified teachers and PSRP to provide services on a temporary basis in the place of those teachers who choose to participate in the strike.

In addition, the Board of Education will also be collecting applications for the PSRP positions. While the District and the PSRP union are not yet at impasse and the PSRP have not filed a strike notice, the Board of Education needs to be prepared in the event that the PSRP/District talks prove to be unsuccessful.

Current District 46 staff may elect to apply for any vacancy.

Details of the vacancies for which applications will be accepted are included in the PDF attached to this Patch article. It may also be downloaded from the district website.

Superintendent Ellen Correll told Patch, "The board has not determined the length it is willing to employ substitutes. A lot has to be determined and discussed with respect to where the money will come from and the cost."

Current teachers willing to work should e-mail Correll at correll.ellen@d46.org.

Out-of-district teachers should refer to the Lake County Regional Office of Education website by clicking here.

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Vicki Wilson December 29, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Abby 123 - It is reprehensible that you bring up Sandy Hook in this instance. Are you of the opinion that evil can be eliminated from our world if only teachers were paid more? Sad, sad, sad that you bring it to that level.
PB&J January 02, 2013 at 01:01 AM
Everyone has their opinions regarding the quality of instruction by substitute teachers, and whether the board is right in keeping the schools open during the impending strike...but, one cannot discount the hours of training teachers have in ensuring the well being of our children, that substitute teachers do not have. Many might not know that teachers are mandated by law to have training in a multitude of areas each year. Trainings on such health issues that may affect students such as: blood born pathogens, diabetes, allergies, attention deficit disorder, identifying warning signs of abuse. depression, suicide... Also, knowing how to conduct fire, tornado, and lock down drills. Knowing the students in the classroom, their needs (and their names!) and schedules are imperative to all of those drills running smoothly. Yes, substitutes do a great job every day in our schools, but they are generally surrounded by classroom teachers in which they can ask for guidance. I hate to think of an entire building filled with staff that is not adequately trained in most of these areas! I don't think people realize how all encompassing a teacher's job really is. Thus, I will not be sending my children to a building full of substitutes. I just hope it doesn't come to that.
marilyn January 02, 2013 at 01:01 PM
wow-pretty condescending to substitutes, AND teachers will to work and do thier jobs. Willing to work. Think about that statement. This is all union power grabbing, nothing more nothing less. Unions have been allowed, and encouraged by a politically friendly environment, to basically go all over the place harvesting and bleeding districts dry. But wait! It must REALLY be all about the kids, right? Must be. I agree that changing to all subs is not good for the kids, but the notion of letting unions bully their way to power and money grabbing is worse. What does this teach? Perhaps subs should be looked up to. Perhaps THEY are the ones actually teaching. many subs are MUCH better than regular teachers, a result of tenure. the unions have really wrecked what was once a noble career. Teachers need to tell the unions to back off.
Tony January 02, 2013 at 02:18 PM
I am willing to support any teacher who crosses the picket line and continues to support the children of our community.
Grayslake Resident January 10, 2013 at 05:17 PM
Who gets multiple increases a year these days? I've received one increase in the past 3 years and expect none against this year. Teachers, wise up! The economy has NOT improved. Quit being selfish, appreciate that you have a job at all, and work harder to educate our youth so future generations can do better than we have.


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