Grayslake Central's Fall Play Opens Thursday

"You Can't Take it with You" is Grayslake Central High School's fall theater production.

Since the start of the new school year, Grayslake Central theater students have been preparing for their big fall production, "You Can't Take it with You!" a comedic love story about two very different families meeting for the first time.

The play opens Thursday, Oct. 11, with a performance at 7:30 p.m. More shows will be held at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12; 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 13; and 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 14.

Click here for advance tickets.

There are life lessons in this production by George Kauffman and Moss Hart, said District 127 theater teacher and manager, Teslen Sadowski.

"It's about balancing work and fun. Adults will say, 'I know what you mean.'"

The cast is especially excited to be doing a comedy, said Sadowski, who is making her directorial debut.

"We have so many wonky characters!" she said.

The cast includes 19 students, but the production involves 55 students overall.

Sophomore Becky Swan plays the female lead, "Alice Sycamore," who falls in love with a boy whose conventional family doesn't understand her free-spirited family.

"I like being all lovey-dovey, being happy. The challenge for me is being really angry," she said of her character.

Senior Tim Sobie, who portrays male lead "Tony Kirby," said this character is a change of pace for him.

"I'm usually off-the-wall funny. Here I have to be more romantic and laid-back. I like that the character is suave and has a swagger about him. He's led by his heart."

Sophomore Shannan Aalbregbse, who portrays "Olga The Grand Duchess," said she's really into her character's Russian accent. She can also do a great British and French accent.

"I love comedy and I love doing accents," she said.

"G-Men" Lauren Tracy and Quinne Welter said they love acting but also enjoy all the behind-the-scenes work, such as building sets.

"It's a team effort," said Welter.


The cast of "You Can't Take it with You!" includes:

Shannan Aalbregbse (Olga The Grand Duchess); Miranda Adams (Miriam Kirby); Allie Bowers (Essie Carmichael); David Bryant (Paul Sycamore); Jim Bryant (Henderson); Gianni Carvajal (Mr. De Pinna); Jeremy Feger (Ed Carmichael); Jordan Feger (Penny Sycamore); Rachel Harmon (Reba); Will McDonald (G-Man); Andy O'Brien (Kolenkhov); Jon Reinoso (Martin Vanderhof); Tim Sobie (Tony Kirby); Ian Surroz (Mr. Kirby); Becky Swan (Alice Sycamore); Lauren Tracy (G-Man); Quinne Welter (G-Man); Ashli Wittenkeller (Gay); and Austin Zeier (Donald).

Student Stage Manager is Catherine Kleinofen. Student Assistant Stage Manager is Maria Requena. Handling media is student Jianni Newsome.







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