Rousty Goes to School

Students at Grayslake Middle School were treated to a special presentation by a fellow classmate.

It wasn't an average day for Rousty, a 14-year-old Tennessee Walker. Instead of hanging out at the stable, feeding on grain and grass, he visited his owner, Mary Wessely of Grayslake and her seventh grade class at Grayslake Middle School Thursday.

The 13-year-old got special permission to bring Rousty in for her "How to Ride" presentation in Rebecca Chappell's 'Dramatically Speaking' drama class.

Mary showed the class how to ride the horse, then answered questions about the tack - the bridle and girth that holds the saddle on. Mom Cheryl said while the class wanted to know how much a horse cost – she simply answered “less than it costs to feed him!”

After the presentation Rousty was rewarded with apples from the class. So many so, that he couldn't eat all of them, Cheryl told Patch.

Rousty's real name is “I’m GoBoy’s Roustabout”. This is Mary's first horse. Her mom said she has owned ponies and ridden other family horses her entire life.

Information submitted by Cheryl Wessely


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