Rams Finally Bring Bulldogs To Heel

The Rams came through with a 32-21 victory over the battling Bulldogs of Grant before a packed crowd of stands at William C. Eiserman Stadium last night.

The game started with volunteer coach General Chuck Whittington serving as honorary captain for the coin toss before the game. It ended with the Rams earning a 32-21 victory over Grant.

The game was filled with numerous unsportsmanlike and personal foul penalties on both sides, but the ones against the visitors were the more costly of the two.

Rams senior running back Joey Valdivia had 13 rushes for 115 yards and two touchdowns to go along with 1 pass reception for a 19-yard touchdown. Junior Teddy McGraw had a big game with 41 yards on 8 carries and a 20-yard kickoff return. Senior quarterback Ray Beckman was 7 of 13 for 70 yards with one touchdown.

Stephen Burgess led the defense with two fumble recoveries and Defensive End Jimmy Molitor had two sacks. Devon Osburn also had a fumble return and a 50-yard touchdown called back because of a holding penalty. Senior linebacker Kristian Meehan also recovered a fumble and shared a sack with Charlie Risinger.

The booming leg of senior Rams kicker Jon Gurchak started the game with a touchback (one of three in the game for him). Gurchak kicked two field goals of 29 and 32 yards to go with 2 of 4 extra point attempts. Gurchak boomed a perfect 44-yard punt that pinned the Bulldogs down on the 1-yard line thanks to a leaping save by Joey Valdivia.

"The turnovers were the story of the game tonight," said head Central coach Nick Goshe. "We had our share and they had their share. It seems that theirs in the first half really hurt ‘em. We were really able to capitalize on them."

The Rams go to 2-0 on the season and the Bulldogs fell to 1-1.

Check back to Grayslake Patch this afternoon for more details and pictures.

Ryan Risinger September 03, 2011 at 04:05 PM
Great win! Congrats to the sophomores as well on their big win!
Dave Peregrin September 03, 2011 at 09:45 PM
Maybe all the stats were not in at the time of the article, but the player for the Rams who never left the field and who in most spectator's opinions was the "Impact Player" of the game was Jake Paust #59 ! I did not see the film this morning at Dad's &Donuts, but I remember some of his big plays. He saved the Day and turned the game around on about the third play of the game as Grant's runningback was heading down the sideline for a breakaway touchdown opportunity,Paust took an angle to single-handley catch,tackle, punch the ball out causing the fumble for the Rams to recover at about the Ram's own 26 yardline, saving a touchdown and changing the critical and most important momentum of the game to the Ram's favor! Paust's efforts and contributions were almost "Honerable Mention for All State Selection" as it appeared that he lead the team in tackles, especially solo-tackles, I beleieve he did recover a fumble and I know he stopped the Bulldog's last threat & hope by recovering the onside kick with 3 minutes & 30 seconds left in the game. This again was the big Critical Momentum changer as Grant just got done scoring 14 points in the last 32 seconds and no Ram player,coach, or fan wanted to see what would have happened if Grant would have came out of the pile with their second one-sided kick recovery! [Part 1]
Dave Peregrin September 03, 2011 at 09:46 PM
[ Part 2] Paust just happened to play a little offence too,as I said he never really left the field, he played offensive line as a guard and he always seemed to find a way to go block Grant's "Stud" Defensive End #52. I am not exaggerating when I say he dominated as he put # 52 on his back or butt at least twice in the game that I saw! I could go on and on as Paust was one of the most valuable players if not the most valuable . He did all the dirtywork as he performed his responsibilities as defensive end which influenced the outcome of every play. When Grant ran their bread & butter option play, Paust carried out his assignment by tackling and punishing the Grant star Quarterback #6 everytime after a fake which took it's toll on QB. To sum it up Jake Paust, wearing #59 this week for the Rams nuetralized both of the Grant Bulldog's star offensive player & best athlete (QB#6) and defensive feared star stud (DE#52). All the Rams contributed to a fantastic team victory, and I usually do not type my responses to a blog or paper,but when In My Opinion, "Player of the Game" Jake Paust, was not mentioned in the article I thought I would recognize his efforts. Thank you, Dave Peregrin
Toni Meehan September 04, 2011 at 03:23 AM
Great team effort by a great RAM team....really proud of you all for believing in yourselves...and proving the nay sayers WRONG.....its not the printed stats that matter...its the end result of A VICTORY that you all share..........2 down 7 to go...........BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!


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