Rams Put A Charge in Blue Streaks, 35-0

Grayslake Central defeated Woodstock 35-0 for their first homecoming victory in 12 years.

The weather was chilly, the sky overcast, but the stands at William C. Eiserman Stadium were filled to standing room only capacity. Hot chocolate was once again king of the menu at the concession stand while the Rams were kings of the turf dominating a winless Woodstock team on both sides of the ball.

From the opening coin toss with honorary team captain and former Rams football coach Bill Eiserman to the post-game team run up to the fans in the stands to count down the point total after a victory, this game was about connecting an old tradition of winning to a new tradition of winning.

"It was great to see all the community members at the game to rally around the kids who have put in a great deal of time and effort to produce a winner," said Central Head Coach Nick Goshe. "Homecoming is a lot more fun when you start winning some games and you win the homecoming game."

Senior running back Joey Valdivia was a veritable Houdini disappearing into a mass of Woodstock tacklers only to emerge with legs pumping and then put on the afterburners and leave the would be tacklers choking in his exhaust fumes.

Joey ran the ball 14 times for 233 yards and 3 touchdowns. Showing an amazing combination of strength, balance and speed, Valdivia showed the explosiveness of the Rams offense with touchdown runs of 57 yards, 47 yards and 44 yards.

Senior quarterback Ray Beckman was 11 of 18 passing for a total of 166 yards. He spread the ball around effectively. Beckman ran in one touchdown and passed to Rajneish Poyser for another. Poyser caught 3 passes for 50 yards total including his touchdown catch.

"Woodstock is a great team. Their record is 0-4 but they have some playmakers. You are going to earn everything," said Goshe. "I think over the course of the game we were able to wear them down a little bit and pop some big plays."

The defense was smothering, even on a fast Woodstock team. Dylan Hay made a handful of tackles and intercepted a pass to kill a 4th quarter drive by the Blue Streaks.

Senior defensive end Jimmy Molitor should have worn a white uniform since he was in the Woodstock backfield so often making tackles or changing plays with his hard charging style. Molitor had a sack and a fumble recovery on the night.

"We won the turnover game," Goshe said. "That’s an absolute for us. We want to both prevent turnovers and we want to cause turnovers."

Senior linebacker Steven Moioffer was flying to the ball with abandon and recovered a fumble. Senior linebacker Kristian Meehan was wrecking havoc as usual, but had to leave the game in the second half with what appeared to be a concussion.

"Anytime we take a kid out of the game as a precaution and examine him, it’s pretty serious," Goshe said. "We will have him evaluated for next week and see from there. He’s an important part of our defense and I hope he’s okay and able to play."

Senior defensive back Devon Osburn made a handful of tackles showing his speed in the secondary to chase down receivers or come up to make hits on running plays. Senior linebacker Jake Paust was also making plays and displayed a great athleticism on several tackles on the opposite side of the field from where he lines up.

"They have speed that’s comparable to ours in skill positions. They have some playmakers so keeping them contained and getting our second shutout of the season was a good thing."

The score may not have showed it, but this was a hard fought win for the Rams. "There were some bangs in there," Goshe said. "We got some kids that are dinged up, a couple of broken noses. There was some hitting going on."


The Rams take their unblemished 4-0 record to Johnsburg on Friday, Sept. 23 at 7:15 p.m.
Scott Beckman September 17, 2011 at 03:48 PM
Dear Mike, Thanks for your work in covering the Rams. The hard work put forth by our student -athletes and coaches is showing. It was a special Homecoming night in Grayslake. I would like to thank Coach Eiserman for being a part of this celebration. Now that I have had the opportunity to meet Coach Eiserman, I appreciate the wisdom of those who decided to name our stadium in his honor. His Thursday night speech to our players is one I think they will never forget. I would also like to thank the Marines for retiring our flag, and Craig Caldwell, Greg Altergott and Andy Gerkin for their service to our country. It was our priviledge to honor you guys who received the flag. Scott Beckman
Mike Stickler September 17, 2011 at 04:18 PM
Thanks for the kind words, Scott. Coach Eiserman is a community treasure and a big part of our school's history. He is a true gentleman and I know this meant a great deal to him. Great job with the media guide. Coach Goshe has built a winning football program that is spilling over to all of Central's sports team and into the entire school and community. Eiserman and Goshe are just two of the people who make our town a great place to raise a family.
Toni Meehan September 18, 2011 at 01:31 PM
Could not agree more..it really makes me feel proud, lucky, and grateful to be part of this very special community. Kudos to the great military men and women who make the sacrifice so we are free to celebrate. Thanks to our coaches and volunteers who work so hard to prepare our kids to perform at such a high level. Thanks to the Patch for covering it!! And last but not least...thanks to our players for putting the coaches' x's and o's into action once again successfully..SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!! So 4 down...5 to go.....BELIEVE!!!!!!
J Check September 18, 2011 at 02:04 PM
Coach Eiserman is an inspiration to everyone that has ever had contact with him. I was one of his students long ago, will have the honor of playing golf with him next week and can only say that he is definitly one of my personal heros. I only wish I would have realized that more when I was a rebellious teen at GCHS, but when you are being yelled at, pushed harder and being terrified of an ex marine drill sargent, you don't understand how good those things are for you at the time. He is an amazing man.


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