Family Fun at the Grayslake Family Picnic and Fireworks

Families from throughout the area came to Central Park for food, fireworks, music and fun at the 15th annual Family Picnic and Fireworks in Grayslake.

Thousands of people came together to celebrate summer and the Fourth of July during the Grayslake Family Picnic and Fireworks celebration on June 30.

Kids and adults from throughout the area went to Central Park for food, rides, games and of course, fireworks.

"I love the fireworks the most," said 8-year-old Arianna Sprenger. "I also love the bungee jumping - well, all the rides, actually - and the pizza and my mom likes the music."

She only had one complaint of the outdoor event.

"The thing I don't like is having to use the porta-potties."

Arianna attended the Grayslake Family Picnic and Fireworks event with her mom Patricia Sprenger. They were joined by friends Hailey Droessler, 8, Audrey Phipps, 8, Lila Phipps, 4, and their mom Laura Phipps, all of Grayslake.

"I love the food, and the rides, and the fireworks," said Audrey.

"For us, it is just a great place to come with your family," said Laura Phipps.

Hailey Droessler said, "I like doing flips on the bungee jump, and just hanging out with my friends."

Several people also brought their dogs with them. Larissa Plymale of McHenry was greeting people at the Central Bark Doggy Day Care booth, along with her Pomeranian named Sooshi.

"It was slow at first," Plymale said, "but then it got really busy."

The annual Family Picnic and Fireworks is organized by the , Grayslake Area Chamber of Commerce and the .

A big fireworks show capped the night.


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