Julious Is Looking For A New Home

Do you have room in your family for a new cat? Save-A-Pet has one for you.

Magnificat! I mean, listen to what people around have to say…I’m a clean-cut gorgeous orange tabby that doesn’t need to wax my whiskers to impress people.

They are just automatically attracted to my distinctive face with the couple nose freckles and of course my sweetness…they just can’t help themselves and often end up giving me kisses, which of course I don’t mind one bit. If for some odd reason, they just stand there, without paying attention to me, I start rubbing against them and give them a little pep talk.

I even wag my tail, just like a dog. They weren't quite sure at first what this was all about but that's when I am happy and excited to have people visiting us. If they sit down, I promptly jump to be the first one in their lap.

I’m a loving guy and wouldn’t mind sharing you with another of my FIV pals around here. I am front-paw declawed. Come get to know me - you'll love me!

From Save-A-Pet: He is about 10 years old. He is neutered, and is up-to-date on routine shots including rabies. Julious tested negative for Feline Leukemia and is microchipped. Don’t make him wait and bring this little sunshine into your home…and don’t forget all the other ones waiting at http://www.saveapetil.org/.


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